Why Building a Web Site for Your Birthday is Easier than You Think

By | April 20, 2017

Birthday Website

Nowadays, having a website is child’s play. But what’s even more intriguing is that you can achieve this at dirt cheap prices. And if you are having trouble believing a word of this, get this – you can build a website for your birthday event! All on your own!

That’s right, your special milestone could be preceded by the larger-than-life hype of having its own site. Sort of like what they do with films these days. How cool is that?

And when you come to think about it, there aren’t a whole bunch of ways to make this annual milestone memorable these days. But you can bet that having a special event website dedicated to this occasion will ensure that that particular celebration will not be easily forgotten.

In many exciting ways, the possibilities of having a birthday event website are endless. You can bring your family and friends up to speed on the upcoming event with ease. Moreover, you can stir quite a bit of nostalgia by letting your loved ones remember previous birthday celebrations through historical birthday photos.

How to Build a Website for Your Birthday Event

If you think that building a website is a tedious confounding process requiring the unique skills of experienced web designers, then you are truly behind the times. Today, people are building their own sites, and no programming or design skills are required. That is why building a birthday website is something you can easily pull off. Here is what you need to build a site.

Decide on a Domain Name

You start out easy—by selecting your domain name. For instance, JohnsBirthday.com. These days, there are all sorts of site extensions, but people still remember the dot COM extension better. So, it’s preferable.

However, if you want a site that will be used to inform people of various events in your life, you can go with special domain extensions such as .events. In that case, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and every other event you celebrate in your life can be announced through the same site. So, your domain name could be JohnsBirthday.EVENT.

In a few months (within 2017), you will be able to register a domain with the extension .day! So, your domain could be JohnsBirth.DAY! You can pre-order and reserve your .day domain here: https://iwantmyname.com/domains/dot-day

Order a Domain

Once you have settled on the domain name to give your site, you have to book it. Some of the services you can use for this include Godaddy, Hostgator, and NameCheap. I prefer NamesCheap because it’s the least expensive as it charges only $10 for domain registration and renewals.

Once that is over and done with, all that remains is to build a site.

Build the Birthday Site

Although building a site is straightforward nowadays, you will have an easier time if you make the right choices. It is recommended you use WordPress, the most user-friendly blogging platform there is. With this site building option, you will just need to download and set up your site; and then you are good to go.

At this point, you will also have the chance to toy with a few birthday-related WordPress themes and plugins to make your site pop. There are certainly plenty of themes that would go well with a birthday event. Two of them are shown below and can be found here.

Birthday WordPress Themes

While refining your site’s design, you can also add plugins such as a time counter, which is an interesting way of letting everyone remember the precise day of the event. Options here include DDAY and COUNTDOWN plugins. To make your site a little more engaging, you can also install the WP BIRTHDAY USERS plugin which can let users reveal their birthdays to each other. Information about all the plugins can be found here.

Get the Site Hosted

You have a domain name, and you have a site. Now, all you have to do is get it hosted. This should be the easy part, but it’s where most people go completely off the deep end by choosing the wrong web host.

It is absolutely critical that you pick the right web host, otherwise, the highlight of your birthday could be a headache you get from your sub-par web host when you are made to put up with pesky file type limitations or bandwidth caps. You cannot go wrong with a host like HostGator. The have special offers to get up to 75% off.

Besides having years of experience in this industry, this web host goes over and beyond to ensure you get true value for money as you host your site. Their uptimes are among the best in the industry; and the load speeds, more so.

Other than that, they have a round the clock customer support department that will offer any assistance you need with your site. The price of their services is also very competitive, and you will even get a chance to cancel your contract and get your money back within 45 days if their services prove to be less than advertised.

So, creating a site for your birthday event is something you can accomplish within a few hours. Once you are done, your site will be there for as long as you want, storing memorable information about your past birthdays, and announcing ideas and plans of future events.

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