Happy Belated Birthday Funny Quotes

By | December 1, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday Funny Quotes: We have decided on some the excellent pictures of Happy Birthday Love Quotes for Him and collected here for you human beings. You can download any of these pictures by just clicking on that pic for sincerely with no loose. Birthday is an occasion for which everybody is looking forward to that day very eagerly. Birthday is a very important day for each person’s life, additionally it is a milestone of his/her lifestyles. Not simply Birthday boy/female is happy however even all people is so exited, if the bday is of certainly one of our family member then the pleasure degree is double. Here we are sharing with you awesome collection of Happy Belated Birthday Funny Quotes, Mobile. So here we’ve additionally accumulated a few fine birthday wishes for your near ones which fill their beginning day with greater pleasure.

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Happy Belated Birthday Funny Quotes

It is not my fault you are not on Facebook. Sign up, or remind me a few days before it is your birthday next time. Belated happy birthday!

If you had to accept a bribe to forgive someone, what would it be? Tell me quick because I need to wish you a late happy birthday.

I never forgot your birthday buddy. I just wanted to annoy you a little bit by sending my wishes a tad later. Belated happy birthday.

This wish may be coming in a bit late but it does not mean that you are excused from giving another party just for me.

No matter what I do, it will never change the fact that I forgot your birthday. So get over it. Belated happy birthday!

The best quality of a cool friend like you is that they never get angry when someone forgets to wish them on their birthday.

Surprise! I haven’t forgotten your birthday. Belated wishes to you, my dear friend.

I don’t like the feeling of missing your birthday so here’s a belated birthday card and, to be safe, one for next year too. Happy birthday in advance.

Forgetfulness is contagious and with friends like you, no wonder I missed your birthday.

I bet no one except me came to wish you a belated happy birthday. Don’t thank me, that’s what friends are for.

Rock stars are never on time and that’s why I am fashionably late. Belated happy birthday.

I have hurt you by missing your birthday, but I am sure the wounds will heal once you see the gifts I’ve got for you. Happy Birthday!

I hope you did not feel bad about how I missed your birthday because I don’t feel guilty either. Belated happy birthday, darling!

Life has a habit of throwing curve balls at you. This is mine to you: Belated happy birthday!

The best part of having friends like me is that you get to celebrate your birthday even when it is not. Belated happy birthday, dude! Let’s go grab some drinks.

I forgot your birthday. So what? There’s always a next time, next year. ‘Til then, belated happy birthday.

You are so difficult to gift to. I am late because I just couldn’t find a gift that you would like. Belated happy birthday!

Sorry I missed your birthday. I promise it will not happen again this year.

A belated birthday wish calls for a belated birthday party. So where are we celebrating?

With age comes patience. Thanks for waiting for my belated birthday wish.

I got abducted by aliens, but I managed to run away when they were taking a nap. Belated happy birthday!

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