Birthday Wishes Poems for Wife In English

By | November 28, 2017

Birthday Wishes Poems for Wife In English: We have decided on some the excellent pictures of Happy Birthday Love Quotes for Him and collected here for you human beings. You can download any of these pictures by just clicking on that pic for sincerely with no loose. Birthday is an occasion for which everybody is looking forward to that day very eagerly. Birthday is a very important day for each person’s life, additionally it is a milestone of his/her lifestyles. Not simply Birthday boy/female is happy however even all people is so exited, if the bday is of certainly one of our family member then the pleasure degree is double. Here we are sharing with you awesome collection of Birthday Wishes Poems for Wife In English. So here we’ve additionally accumulated a few fine birthday wishes for your near ones which fill their beginning day with greater pleasure.

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Birthday Wishes Poems for Wife In English

1. I am glad that I married
A beautiful woman like you
One thing I will never regret
Is saying, I do
Apart from a beautiful gift
I also want to give you a kiss
Which will show you how much
You make my life a bliss
Happy birthday

2. Hello beautiful
You make life bountiful
Hello pretty baby
You make my life happy
Hello you sexy girl
With joy you make me whirl
Hello my lovely wife
Around you, revolves my life
Happy birthday

3. our birthday is the perfect chance
For me to pamper you all day long
Spoil you with gifts and treats
Maybe even sing a few songs
Today, my dear
Your hubby is at your service
Let’s begin the day
With the most romantic kiss

4. I never expected you
To be flawless
I only wanted you
To give me happiness
But you have done both things
Very successfully
Thanks darling for being
Such an amazing wifey
Happy birthday

5. Happy always
Living life to the very fullest
Our love will forever
Survive life’s acid test
Joined at the souls
Connected through our hearts
Me and you baby
Were meant to be from the start
Happy birthday

6. am a happily married man
Owing to just one reason
I have a lovely wife
Who is nothing but wild fun
I am glad that I bid
My bachelor days goodbye
And tied the wedding knot
With the apple of my eye
Happy birthday

7. My lover and my mate
In her hands I can leave my fate
My life partner and my companion
Who is the most beautiful woman
My agony aunt who doubles up as my shrink
Without whom, my world would disappear in a wink
My antidote for every trouble
Is my wife, who is so special
Happy birthday

8. Marriages are made in heaven
Is a fact I agree to
Because I am married
To an angel like you
Marriages are made forever
Is a fact I endorse too
Because I am married
To an incredible wife like you
Happy birthday

9. My wife, my darling
My sweetheart, my love
You are my angel
Sent from the heavens above
My baby, my munchkin
My honey, my sugarplum
You have always been
My best chum
My happiness, my joy
My ultimate bliss
Let me wish you
Happy birthday with a kiss

10. I may never be able to become
A husband as amazing and awesome
As the wife you have been to me
And changed the course of my destiny
If I can be even an ounce of what you are
I will be able to take my life really far
Until I catch with up with you, sweetie
I want you to keep inspiring me
Happy birthday

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