Birthday Wishes Poems for Best Friend In English

By | November 28, 2017

Birthday Wishes Poems for Best Friend In English: We have decided on some the excellent pictures of Happy Birthday Love Quotes for Him and collected here for you human beings. You can download any of these pictures by just clicking on that pic for sincerely with no loose. Birthday is an occasion for which everybody is looking forward to that day very eagerly. Birthday is a very important day for each person’s life, additionally it is a milestone of his/her lifestyles. Not simply Birthday boy/female is happy however even all people is so exited, if the bday is of certainly one of our family member then the pleasure degree is double. Here we are sharing with you awesome collection of Birthday Wishes Poems for Best Friend In English. So here we’ve additionally accumulated a few fine birthday wishes for your near ones which fill their beginning day with greater pleasure.

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Birthday Wishes Poems for Best Friend In English

1. Birthdays come and go each year,
Today is yours, so don’t you fear.
Conversations fill the air,
We have joined you since we care.
Funny jokes and laughs out loud,
We will always be your crowd.
Many friends you haven’t seen,
How long has it really been?
We shall dance all through the night,
Until our spirits are truly light.
Celebrate our dearest friend,
A birthday poem, we wish to send.

2. A true friend is hard to find,
Someone who is always kind.
Words of advice; freely share,
Helping hand, always spare.
A true friend is hard to find,
Someone always on my mind.
Listens, cares, and understands,
Hardships; mutually withstands.
A true friend is hard to find,
Someone like you! Let me remind.
Birthday greetings, from my heart,
This celebration, we must start.

3. Happy birthday from all your friends,
We hope you’re birthday never ends.
There’s one more thing you need to know,
That we all love you so.

4. Our friendship, has no shape
It can’t be measured with a tape
Our friendship, flows like water
It adapts according to, situation and matter
Our friendship, tastes like cake
It is sweet, cute and never fake
Our friendship, feels genuine and true
Here’s wishing, a happy birthday to you

5. On your birthday, I want to make a promise
Any celebration of your life, I will never miss
I also want to let you know
During tough times, I will never ever let go
I also want to express
That I wish you nothing but success
And no matter where I am, come what may
I’ll always drop by, to say Happy Birthday

6. Best friends help each other shine
And listen to each other whine
Best friends help each other heal
And share all that they feel
Best friends have each other’s back
To keep each other’s lives on track
Best friends, are a pair in a million
In my life, you are the chosen on
Happy birthday

7. With you by my side
A dark night becomes a bright dawn
Without you, even the best of days
Become boring and full of yawns
Your effect on my life
Is way too profound to describe
All I know is that best friends like us
Are a very rare tribe
Happy birthday

8. It was always in my destiny
To be your friend, not your enemy
Fate had already decided for us both
To like each other, never loathe
Best friends, we were meant to be
You are my life, can’t you see?
Happy birthday

9. The reason behind my smile
Is not money or success
The reason behind my smile
Is not promotion or progress
The reason behind my smile
Is not a new car or a new dress
The real reason behind my smile
Is you, my bestie, I confess
Happy birthday

10. Best friends like you
Are more precious than gold
Our bond is so strong
All kinds of troubles it can withhold
Wishing a happy birthday
To my bae, to my dearest friend
With this poem
Lots of love and hugs I send

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