100 Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Friends

By | February 3, 2017

Looking for the perfect Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to wish someone special? This article has a compilation of some beautiful Belated Birthday Wishes that can be used for wishing your loved one.

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Birthday is a special occasion that everyone looks forward to. Everyone wants to be wished by their friends, family, lovers, relatives and loved ones. Sharing Birthday wishes for someone on his/her birthday are very great ideas. Sometimes due to buy schedule we forget to wish someone a happy birthday. So here i have shared some cool collection of Belated Happy Birthday Wishes.

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Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Download

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For A Friend

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Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For Frined Free

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For Frined Image

100 Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

You are my friend and I have sinned by forgetting your birthday. This gives you the right to be angry at me in every way.Happy belated birthday.

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late for a very important date. And that date would be your birthday. Hope yours Birthday was great!

Here’s the message I should have sent. I hope your birthday was wonderful. Wonderful is exactly what you deserve.

I checked google for the best “belated birthday wishes” but the best one comes from my heart when I say “Hope you had a great birthday.”

Birthdays come only once every year, but our friendship is forever.Happy belated birthday.

Forgetting your birthday is not a sign of our weakening friendship. It is just a sign of my weakening memory. Happy belated birthday.

Just because my birthday wishes for you are belated, doesn’t mean that my feelings for you become outdated.Belated Happy birthday.

Time got away from me. The card, however, stayed right here. Sorry, this is late.Belated happy birthday my Friend.

Wishing you a belated happy, happy, happy birthday. Sorry, I missed your special day.

I have been a bit snowed under lately. I dug out to find this card with your name. happy belated birthday.

This wish is late so that you can celebrate your birthday longer. Happy Birthday.

There are two types of friends 1)one who forget you and 2)who just forget your birthday.Thank god I am the second one. Happy birthday to my bestie.

Why should I be sorry about not wishing you on your birthday, you saved some money by treating one less person, didn’t you? Belated happy birthday.

I hope all your birthday wishes came true. Here’s one more for good luck — a little late yet as heartfelt as ever.Belated Happy birthday!

Friend are friends forever, which is how long it took this card to get to you.Belated happy birthday.

I missed your birthdate and am sorry for that. I sincerely apologize and wish you a belated Happy Birthday.

I didn’t send you any message because I was too busy in the last few months. That’s why I am wishing you now. Happy belated birthday.

I’m sorry that I missed your birthday. Please forgive me! I promise to make it up to you. Belated Happy Birthday to you my dear.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes In Enlgish

I am sorry, I missed your birthday. But my wishes are always with you. Belated Happy Birthday.

Friendship starts with F but does you know what else starts with F? Forgetfulness and Forgiveness. So please forgive me for forgetting your birthday.Belated Happy birthday.

I spent days altogether to try and write the perfect message for your birthday card, but I could not come up with anything creative in time. This is all I got – belated happy birthday.

I like to be the first to wish people a “happy birthday,” so consider this birthday wish 11 months or so early.Belated happy birthday.

I’d have emailed this sooner, but…I didn’t. Hope your birthday was wonderful.Belated happy birthday my friend.

Forgetting a Birthday doesn’t mean you forget a person. And remembering a Birthday doesn’t mean you remember the person. Here’s a genuine Belated Happy Birthday wish from me.

Please forget that I forgot your birthday. I will be able to forgive myself only if you forgive me by forgetting that I forgot your birthday.Belated happy birthday.

I’m sorry that I forgot the most important day of your life. It won’t ever happen again, I promise. Belated Happy Birthday to you!

My greatest birthday wish for you, although late this year, is that your special day was as wonderfully special as you are.

The message never changes, but the words do. H-“B” BDAY! HF! That’s happy “Belated” birthday, have fun in text-ese.

Best wishes for your birthday afterwards.Belated happy birthday.

HaaaaaaaappYYYYYYY BELATED Birthdayyyyyyyy…………………. !!!!!””” MY DEAREST FRIEND””””.

My mistake is inexcusable, so take your time in forgiving me.Happy belated birthday.

May this birthday bring you all that you ever wished for. Sorry, I’m late. But I want you to know that you are always in my prayers. Belated Happy Birthday to you.

My apologies for missing the best day of the year…your birthday! Happy birthday!

Maybe my greetings are not on time, but our beloved thoughts are always similar and are on time. You are so special to me.Belated happy Birthday..

Old friends are sweeter with age. Old birthday wishes are boooring. Hope it was great.Happy belated Birthday..

Birthdays are special days, but you are special every day for me. Happy Belated Birthday.

Nothing is impossible.This phrase has been proven right today, because I never thought that I would forget my best friend’s birthday.My best wishes To you.

Happy Birthday Belated Wishes And Messages

My best wishes even if they are belated.Happy Belated Happy Birthday!!

Wishing you a belated happy birthday. Sure, this wish is late, but that’s only because I want to make sure you celebrate your birthday a little longer.

I can’t tell you all the times I thought about your birthday. That’s because I can’t remember squat. Happy late birthday.

Celebrate first, ask forgiveness later. Sorry, I am late wishing you a Happy Birthday.

I don’t know how I forgot your birthday. Until you forgive me for my stupid mistake, I will keep pampering you in every way. Happy belated birthday.

Violets are blue. Roses are red. I’m too late for this year’s party, so think of this “happy birthday” as a year ahead.

Sorry, these birthday greetings are time -challenged. They’re from me.happy belated birthday.

Sorry, I forgot your Birthday. I hope you had a grand and special celebration with your loved ones and friends. Belated Happy Birthday!

I wait for you before doing anything important in my life. How come you didn’t tell your birthday to wait for me? Happy belated birthday.

I forgot to wish you on your birthday, but let’s have a late cheer to remind you that you had a birthday. Hope you had lots of fun.

Belated birthday wishes are like the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. All come bearing gifts…just not on your birthday. Happy birthday, anyway.

The bad thing is I forgot your birthday, the good thing is I got it.So This is balanced.Belated happy birthday.

I knew that it was your birthday, but I didn’t send you any message because you’re too busy with yourself in the last few months. That’s why I’m wishing you you now. Happy belated birthday.

I was hundreds of miles away on your special day. I hope you enjoyed your day with a big cake.

Wishing you a happy belated birthday, because the last few days things went too busy. But your birthday never waits. Now, I’m sending this greeting for you.

Belated Wishes For Birthday

I’m sending you this message late, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you. Happy belated birthday.

May be my greetings are not on time, but our beloved thoughts are always similar and are on time. You are so special to me.

I forgot to wish you on your birthday, but lets have a late cheer to remind you that you had a birthday. Hope you had lots of fun.

As I missed your birthday so I used the google to find some late birthday wishes to send you. But the best one came from my mind and I want to say “hope you enjoyed a lot on your birthday.”

I know I’m a little behind on celebrating your special day. May be the reason is you live a very fast life and my one is little slower.

Though I’m little late, but yet I’ve a chance to wish you a very happy belated birthday.

Do you need a reason to celebrate a party? You can take the belated wishes on your birthday as a chance to enjoy yourself and have another blasting party.

I won’t miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday. But you know I’m fashionably late.

People often say that burn the candles at both ends. May be, that means you can celebrate your birthday both after and before the real birth date. I’m just helping you in celebrating the late birthday with this belated happy birthday.

If you are a day short then you are a dollar short. As I missed your special day by more than so I believe I’ll not have any gift for you. Just kidding. Happy belated birthday.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes To Friends

Though my greeting is reaching little late, but I hope that it’ll bring plenty of happiness on your face. Happy belated birthday.

I’m making this belated birthday wish that your every day of life becomes peaceful and continue to be filled with plenty of joy that you deserve most.

I hope that your birthday was a wonderful one and you enjoyed that day a lot. Have an amazing year.

As I missed your birthday, so I’m sending double hugs and kisses as a bonus to make things up. Happy belated birthday.

Hope you did an excellent celebration of your birthday. I’m begging your forgiveness and I’m extremely sorry that I couldn’t wish you at the right time.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes To Boss

Happy belated birthday. How did you feel while celebrating your special day on time? I wasn’t prepared for this and I’m so sorry for that.

You are so special to me and I hope you had fabulous fun on that day. I know I’m a bit late, but although let me wish you a happy belated birthday.

I lost the card I bought for you that’s why my wish is a little late. Hope you rocked and enjoyed a lot.

I know I missed your birthday, but trust me this doesn’t happen more than once a year. Happy belated birthday.

Sorry, it wasn’t my fault. Time slipped to fast that I couldn’t arrange enough time to send you a wish on time. Happy belated birthday.

The reason for my late birthday wish is a top secret and if you ever wish to know then I’ll hand over those classified information to you.

We all know that the birthdays are special, but a person like you is special every day. Wishing you a happy belated birthday.

I’m so silly that I missed your birthday. I can’t believe it that I really did it.

It always feels good to wish you a happy birthday whether it is on time or late. Hope you had fun.

I couldn’t catch up with you to celebrate your birthday and I’m really sorry for that. Hope you passed some great times. Wishing a happy belated birthday.

I check the notifications everyday on Facebook, but I’m shocked that even Facebook has forgotten to remind me about your birthday. Happy belated birthday.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes SMS

I opened my Facebook account this morning after several busy days and found some birthday wish on your wall. I’m stunned that I missed to wish you on your birthday. Hope you had great fun.

I guess my trip around the sun was faster than I was expecting. May be that’s why I’m a bit late in sending this wish. Happy belated birthday.

Though I missed your birthday party, but it seems that I can hear the tunes of your birthday celebration in my mind. Hope you had some great moments.

I’m so regretful that I couldn’t join your birthday party. Now I’m planning to eat 2 large piece of cakes to make that up. Doesn’t it sound good!!

Your birthday rush so fast that I couldn’t manage any moment in wishing you on your birthday. Better late then never. Happy belated birthday.

I know I’m late in wishing you on that important date and that was your birthday. Hope it won’t happen never.

I’m sorry that I could not communicate with you on time to wish you happy birthday. Still, I’ve a chance to wish a happy belated birthday.

This year you turned 30, so I thought that you wouldn’t celebrate your birthday. That’s why I skipped the wishing part. But I was wrong. Wishing you a belated happy birthday.

Another year passed before I could buy a birthday card for you. That’s why I’m late to wish you happy birthday.

I was late in wishing you a happy birthday and you are also late in inviting me to your birthday party. Happy belated birthday.

This year I’m late in wishing you a happy birthday. So, I’m wishing you again for the coming birthday and hope this time you won’t get any chance to say that I’m late.

I want to wish you, happy birthday 11 months advance because I was late this year and I don’t want to be in the same situation in future. Happy belated birthday.

I’m wishing you late so that your birthday celebration becomes longer than ever. Happy belated birthday.

I know I’m late, but I still believe that you are having your gorgeous birthday.

It seems to me that you had a birthday just yesterday. I’m really sorry that I’m very late in wishing you.

Your birthday celebration was over before I could reach your home. Have a happy belated birthday.

Even though my best wishes could not reach to you on time, but it was just an accident. Hope your birthday celebration was an outstanding one.

I’m not going to show any excuse for wishing you late, but you know that it wasn’t intentionally done. Happy belated birthday.

May be I’m a bit crazy or I’m wrong in some cases, but it’s almost impossible for me to be too late in wishing you a happy birthday.

Though I don’t have the opportunity to wish you on your specific birth date, but still I’ve a chance to say you happy belated birthday.

I know that you planned for a week to celebrate your birthday, so I hope it would be continuing for this whole week. So, I guess I’m not late yet.

A birthday party should be happening for at least one week for a person like you, because you are very serious about parties. Happy belated birthday.

A perfect birthday celebration includes some special things like some early wishes from beloved ones, a wonderful party with some people and then some late wishes from some of your true friends. All these are truly essential. Happy belated birthday.

100 Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

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